Bali Art Festival

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Bali hold a party every year which called The Bali Arts Festival or PKB . At this year The Bali Arts Festival 34th will be held again from June, 9 to July, 9 2012. This events are presented party of arts, and valuable heritage also new art creations of artists who lived and was born in Bali. In addition PKB also usually filled with other arts from throughout the country and around the world. The performance is very attractive and interesting.
The performance of art describing typical each area, starting from traditional customs, wedding rituals, traditional dance and gamelan, such as an attraction mekotekan from Badung Regency, paraded bade of oxen in cremation ritual or Ngaben in Gianyar, also the rat cremation in Tabanan Regency symbolized of pests control which damaged farmer’s rice field.

Surrounding The Bali Art Festival usually there are a lot of people selling various trinkets Balinese
If you have a plan on holiday in Bali for that period, please don’t forget come on the Bali Art Centre – Denpasar. To showing the Bali Arts Festival 34th you can learn more about Bali and increase your knowledge of Culture.

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