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Chat with me - Dewa Widiana

» Get Skype, call free! Located 20 minutes north of  Seminyak along the coast Canggu has rice fields that come right down to the beach. Canggu is a place that most surfers will know about, with its larger than Kuta as well, sandy beach and not much else. The beaches have dark grey or black sand and are not particularly good for swimming, but do offer some renowned and challenging surfing spots. The area is popular with many expatriates who choose to live here, and a large number of villas owned by overseas nationals are also located here. Much of the area features quietly undulating terrain with the rice paddies that typify much of south central Bali.

It’s famous for three things: the surf, the rice field views and the private villa rentals. The vast majority of accommodation in Canggu comes in the form of private luxury villas, which we as a rule don’t cover due in general to their expense. So for home stays and hotels in Canggu, here is where really stood out for us

What is the attraction of Canggu? Well apart from the surfing, its quiet, it was cheap, very local and offers lovely views of rice fields as opposed to cement in Seminyak. Holiday villas and long term rentals have sprung up as the market has moved away from hotels. People want to rent a luxury villa in the rice fields and be close to the beach, rather than rent a box in a 4-storey hotel. For people living in Bali Canggu offers a pleasant place to go home to that is within reach of Kuta. Its right on the edge, another 20 minutes would be too far for most people.

What is a good beach in Canggu?
While each of the beaches has its own name, they’re really all just a continuation of the same strip of sand broken up by small rivers. Our favourite was Berawa, as you’re within walking distance of a couple of beach bars towards Batu Belig, there’s lots of beach and the waters were good and unthreatening for swimming.