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Nyepi Day by Hindus in Bali is celebrated as the day of the new year Caka. This feast day according to the Hindu calendar falls on one (penanggal linings) sasih X (kedasa) or exactly one day after tilem to IX (Kesanga). This year the feast of Nyepi falls on: March 12, 2013.
There are several series of exercising Nyepi day, that is:


Melasti or Melis often called Mekiis. Melasti ceremony was conducted on 13 sasih pengelong Kesanga (exactly traodasa kresnapaksa sasih IX). In the Melasti ceremony was performed purification or cleaning any facility or infrastructure worship. The tools or means of worship were cleared include: pratima and pralingga. The tools are then carried to the cleanup spot as the sea (beach) or other water sources that are considered sacred, according to circumstances where the ceremony (desa, kala, patra). The purpose of the Melasti ceremony is to invoke tirtha amerta as cleaning water from Hyang Widhi.

Tawur Kesanga

Tawur Kesanga fell the day before the feast day of Nyepi is the tilem Kesanga. In tawur ceremony was conducted in the form of offerings to the bhuta caru. Caru is to be devoted that the bhuta not lose its properties on the implementation of the feast of Nyepi. It also aims to eliminate the evil elements of the human beings that do not follow the man in the next year. Tawur Kesanga is often called the ceremony and also classified pecaruan yadnya bhuta ceremony.

Nyepi day

Nyepi feast day celebrated by people by way Catur Bratha Penyepian. Catur bratha penyepian consists of four kinds of restrictions are: observe geni (not light the fire), observe the work (did not work), observe lelungan (not working) and observe lelanguan (no entertainment activities). All restrictions in done to curb the passions and evil desires so as to achieve a calmness or peace of mind. With these thoughts could be introspecting for any actions in the past and at the same time cultivate good deeds for the following year. All this is done for one full day at the feast of Nyepi.

Ngembak Geni

The day after the holiday Nyepi, all the activity back on track. Today begins with worship and prayer to Hyang Widhi climbing for good in the new year. In today’s Ngembak geni¬†stay in touch each other and people should forgive one another.

The feast day of Nyepi is essentially curbing the passions and self introspection for all the deeds done in the past. Implementation of Nyepi holiday should be constituted with strong intention, sincere and honest with no particular ambition. Restraints lust to achieve inner freedom is a bond but the bond was done with full sincerity.